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Dayton/Centerville Christian Yoga

Watch for new opportunities in April with Physical Therapist  Dr. Megan Wright 

Saturday  monthly
workshops and private lessons with Dr. Megan Wright will be scheduled on Saturdays watch the schedule and get in on this health supportive event.

THE ONLY DAYTON/CENTERVILLE OHIO CHRISTIAN YOGA CENTER   AT Wellness Yoga we focus on our commitment to live a life grounded in Godly principals of  respect for ourselves and all others as an expression of our love for Christ.  My goal is to invite, inspire, equip, and train men and women to experience a healthy life, through the practice of Yoga. Learn to deepen your meditation/prayer time, heal emotional blocks and release daily frustrations as you become aware of the power of  your breath, movement and stillness. Experience your beliefs, put them into practice through Y.O.G.A. Your life On Gods Agenda.

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Private lessons available CALL 937-477-6125


Monday  (Southbrook Church)
5:30  p.m. Rest and Restore with basic yoga, stretch, balance, breath, and Christ centered meditation and scripture.

Tue   (Centerville)
5:30 p.m.    YOGA FLOW  Intermediate Vinyasa  focus on breath & movement;  postures & strength building, this class will heat you up.   Come prepared to sweat.  Music Uplifting Christian

Wed   (Centerville)
5:30  p.m.  Rest and Restore basic  yoga, stretch, balance, breath, and Christ centered meditation.  Beginners best class good for a deep yoga stretch

Christian YogaThurs (Centerville)
5:30 p.m.    YOGA FLOW  Beginner to Intermediate Vinyasa  focus on breath & movement, postures & strength building, rest and restore .  Each class is different with the same purpose of  building an emotionally, physically and spiritually stronger you.  Music Uplifting Christian

Your first drop in class at  AT WELLNESS YOGA IS DONATION BASED you may purchase a package if you want to continue practicing with us.

6 classes for $50.00

First time to AT Wellness yoga – please arrive 15 minuets early to register.

Are you new to yoga and want to gain confidence before joining a class? Have you been doing the same modifications for months and want to take things to the next level? Does your regular practice need a pick-me-up?
Private instruction is an invaluable tool for students of all skill levels and provides a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere where you can learn the basics or challenge your body with advanced moves. One-on-one sessions can be scheduled at a place–studio, home, office, or outdoors–and at a time that is most convenient for your personal yoga practice. Book a private session now to start reaching your goals!
Private Sessions in your home: $75 per hour
Semi-Private Sessions: $65 per hour + $10 for each add’l person up to four people
Private Sessions at the studio $45 per hour


97 Compark Rd   Dayton Ohio    45459    937-298-2425 cell 937-477-6125

Kat Wright, founder and primary teacher of Yoga at AVENUES TO WELLNESS YOGA has been teaching and practicing forms of yoga for well over 25 years. Kat is a Yoga Alliance and Yahweh Yoga certified teacher, certified Nutritional Consultant, Raw Foods and Macrobiotic Chef as well as a traditional Naturopath and Health Coach.

Kat has a degree in Biblical Counseling and is a registered Biblical Knowledge Specialists. Devotions, meditations, and focus of spiritual discipline will come from the Christian Bible.

While history proves yoga began outside of a specific religious context it is within the context of eastern religions that it was developed and codified. Therefore many yoga studios are influenced by different monastic and pantheistic religions. Avenues to Wellness YOGA  (AT Wellness Yoga) for Health will be taught with a focus on devotion, meditation and contemplation, honoring God as the creator of heaven and earth and creator of man and Jesus Christ as His presence here on Earth.

Combining this world view with basic life principals and disciplines taught through Yoga, with a supportive community committed to wellness and a Christ center lifestyle, our new studio will be a hub of education and empowerment. We offer private instruction for devotion yoga, meditation yoga, basic beginning, core, restorative and flow yoga. At Wellness Yoga cooking classes are a part of the over all commitment to living fully committed to health and stewardship of all we have been given.

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